Antique Vintage Laces Trims

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If you sew re-enactment or renaissance costumes, The Gatherings Antique Vintage is your perfect shopping stop for original laces, dress embellishments and sewing notions. It will certainly add a touch of authenticity to any costume. We also offer machine and handmade laces including bobbin, needle lace, tape lace, crochet, tatting and knitting.

Most laces offered are of lace yardage, however, tidbits of lace, fragment of lace garments etc. will be found here. Our lace tidbits and fragments of antique and vintage laces are perfectly suitable for doll dressmaking or other small sewing projects not requiring much yardage.

For your Gothic or Steampunk costume, an authentic early 1900's bobbin lace trim edging. The black lace is cotton machine made in unused condition. The texture of the trim is a medium weight look.

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A beautiful French embellishment beadwork piece dating from the Edwardian to 1920's era. A double motif fringed tassel measures 8-1/2" long to the bottom of the center tassel. Width through the widest part is 5-1/2" wide.

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A very nice piece of unused machine insertion Tambour or darn net lace trim in a floral pattern. Lace dates from the Edwardian - 1920's. A gold metallic thread is woven in with the floral and border patterns. If you look closely at the photo you will see the thread where it is woven.

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A very nice unused vintage dress applique or embellishment from the early part of the 1900s. It is a machine braid trim in a white color. Very clean and unused.

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